"Animalia" is a series of posters, or more like an ideea, which i started back in 2011. The "plan" was to present and illustrate each member of the Animalia kingdom in a way that the viewer would be able to see, actually want to learn and maybe remember a few things about it without too much "fuss". Besides a picture, we give the viewer details about the scientific classification (eg: kingdom, class, order) and a "short"-brief of what the animal is "made-of"... Sort of speak. Hopefully, yeah.

I'm actually thinking at "rebooting" this project. Mhmm... ?

I don't know if i've read or heard this somewhere, but :

Remember to cherish them. We inherited their Earth.

I'll shut up now. Check the two posters below : Scorpiones and Panthera :)

Scorpiones Panthera.Onca